RURALPAWS: Breeders of beautiful Selkirk Rex, British Shorthair and British Longhair Cats.

GCCF Registered hobby breeders of pampered kittens and cats.

We will be having a couple of our cats requiring new homes in the near future (Oct-November 2012).  Please feel free to make enquiries. 

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Re-homing of Young Adult Cats

We will this year be re-homing some of the most beautiful female cats we have had the pleasure to be entrusted with who have provided us with some beautiful kittens in which to develop our breeding plan and have therefore earned a much deserved exceptional retirement home.  I use the word 'retirement' which is perhaps misleading as these cats will in fact be approx 2-4 years only and therefore still very much in their 'youth'.  They have been treasured for what they have given to us freely and as such will therefore only be allowed to be re-homed once they have been neutered and new potential owners have passed a vetting process which involves lots of questions in order to ensure only the best genuine permanent homes are offered to them.  My intentions are crystal clear - to do what is possible in making sure any re-homed cat is given the best possible forever home.

Please do not make enquiries if you intend to allow any of the following:

  • wish to have a litter of kittens
  • want kitty to free roam in the neighbourhood amongst cars/roads/wildlife because you think it will save any damage to your furniture and/or fulfil their lives since it 'should' be natural to them
  • have got bored with older cat/kitty of 12 years plus who has always been an only cat and would like to add a companion to him/her (cats are territorial and whilst integration is possible in some circumstances, it is usually better to do this with 'younger resident cats').
  • Plan to have a baby and therefore think kitty must go to a new home because it is impossible to be near cat litter trays and pregnant and/or think kitty might feel the need to lie on baby (litter trays are an integral part of a pedigree cat's habitat - use gloves, bleach and commonsense and the risk element can be eliminated; this also includes removing opportunities for kitty to sleep in babies cot) or that they suddenly become too much work to be able to keep.
  • You think it will add an additional air to your decorative home.

It may seem surprising but ALL of the above without exception have been personal experiences I've come across.  If you are seeking a genuine companion for your home whether it be a first time cat or you have always had cats in the past then please feel free to get in touch.  We may ask lots of questions but that is to help only.

More details soon.