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Photographs that just capture a moment.

During the course of daily life we do our best to capture special moments in which the cats are just showing their personalities.  Often these photos are actually the ones overlooked by prospective new owners and yet they tell another part of the kitten's upbringing and personality. 

I decided to add this page so that I could include all the photos which don't show a kitten/cat suitably posing wide-eyed in front of a camera lens in its most cutest of posing faces: instead this is as they can be!

This page also allows us the chance to showcase some of the kittens that have been born here at Ruralpaws.


Some of the kittens from RURALPAWS


A fantastic moment of Alfie (now Benji) laughing at his lovely cream brother covered in gravy.  That was until he spotted his Mamma watching him and the the face was this:


Alfie suddenly looking the picture of innocence...hmm, Mamma knows better!


I always loved Albert's profile at 6 weeks old...guess who learned to be early weaned before any of his siblings!


 Lilac BSH boys competing for certificate of the 'most cute'.


 Chloe's litter...silver tabbies with Flora in the middle.


 Flora close up at 4 weeks old.


 Chloe feeding her babies - 1st litter and all perfect!


Saffy's litter with Cocoa and Dottie at 10 weeks old. Dottie, silver spotted Selkirk Variant and Cocoa, a Black Smoke LH Selkirk.


Cocoa at 1year old...fabulous natured girl who was a godsend and a lifesaver through the later stages of my pregnancy - she loved me no matter my mood and gave far more than I thought possible.


Beautiful Dottie...what a character and one of the friendliest girls ever!


 Dottie with her litter (her only litter).  Fabulous mother who adored her charges.


 Here we have kittens from 3 seperate litters playing together.


Adorable Murphy at 4 weeks old.  Silver shaded LH Selkirk boy.


One of Chloe's kittens from her 2nd litter: Rosie Revel, Selkirk Variant.


Saffy, silver shaded LH Selkirk with her daughter Cocoa, LH Black Smoke Selkirk...both absolutely fabulous cats.


 Saffy as a wee 10 week old kitten here.  Silver shaded LH Selkirk.


Saffy as a 10 month old female.  What a poser! She had every right though because she was certainly stunning.


This was Ziggy, lilac Selkirk boy in the middle of the photo who later became known as Dexter in his new home. On the platform was Hattie, our blue BSH female as a youngster.


Very cute photo of one of our blue BSH kittens playing peek-a-boo.

October 2009



This photo was taken by Andy to demonstrate to me that the rule I believe is in place and which I think I have trained my puddies to adhere to, is in fact a complete settee unless on the fleecy blanket or my lap.  Hmm, I reckon Fifi thought the blanket was there on the sofa really.


Now I understand why she was caught on the photo above: it's the cushions Fifi likes!  She does like to get comfy.  Muffin watches in astonishment.


Ok the whole settee issue is a complete fabrication and the cats are allowed to curl up on it when hubby-to-be isn't around...sorry but I just can't say no.  Besides which, Sootie lookes soooooooooo cute here.


This is Hugo who has realised he is too late to bag a lap after lunch so has to make do with the floor (actually there are so many cat beds but that would mean wandering and looking and after that big dinner, well it is easier to flop just here and snooze).


Hugo makes no attempt to look butch and manly in his all men really once their basic needs have been met! At just 8 months old he is a cracking size (probably a little more portly than he should be but he does a fair bit of running about in the house - honest he does!)

Pampered Puddy

'This is the life! Yes, I am posing too!'

Security in Numbers

How Many?!

Disguised as Vetbed

'See, you can hardly tell I'm here'.

'OK so my spots are more visible but see, I still look cute don't I?'

 'There, do I look more cute now?'

Stretched Out

"Is it comfortable to lie like that?"

The milky bars are on me!

This is Betty our blue British Shorthair who raised a litter of kittens at least 7 months prior to this photo being taken.  The two kittens seeking a reassuring suckle are 16 weeks old and belong to Saffy and yet despite their needle-sharp teeth, Betty still allows both Dottie and Cocoa to attempt to receive some that is dedication for you. 

It also goes to show that kittens are never too big to get a cuddle.

When sleep calls...

Three kittens flat out!

Weird stuff...

'Help! I'm stuck!'

Spots together!

Here is Freda, our mother-in-permanent residence, giving one of the kittens a little extra you can see why little Dottie just had to stay.