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Sunday 5th January 2014


Selkirk Rex Kittens AVAILABILE NOW 

  • After a busy year where we saw our own new arrival to our family, we put all plans of breeding to one side with a number of our cats moving to their new home with Sarah of Ashblue in Birmingham. We have in the past 14 months had just one litter and now have 3 gorgeous curly-coated babies seeking their new forever homes. 
  • These 3 kittens are full pedigree Selkirk Rex breed, will be GCCF registered, have been FULLY vaccinated (including leukaemia and chlamydia), will come with 4 weeks free pet insurance and require loving homes where they will be well looked after and integrated as one of the family. 
  • These babies are now 14 weeks old and ready to leave for their new homes.  We chose not to advertise before Christmas knowing how hectic most homes can be during the Christmas period (which isn't always conducive to the settling in period of a new kitten).

    Genuine callers only please 

    01287 281756 leave a CLEAR message on the answerphone and I will return calls.




    Our postcode is TS12 2TU


    We are based in the North-East, just outside of Middlesbrough in a village on the outskirts of Saltburn-by-the-Sea


    Sunday 5th January 2014: AVAILABLE Babies

    We have 3 Shorthaired curly kittens:

    a brown tabby girl called T-bag;

    a silver tabby boy called Fluffy;

    a seal silver tabby colourpointed homozygous boy called Onesie. 

    Kittens are priced at £425 each for pet only (not to be bred from/non-active paperwork).

    This pedigree is unique so breeing enquiries can be made. 


    Meet T-bag, brown tabby female. Available £425 pet price.



    Meet Fluffy, silver tabby male. Available £425 pet price.

    Our Outside Nursery Addition


    PLEASE NOTE: a few years ago when we began breeding, we added a purpose built cat pen to the back of our home in order to allow any cats of ours and kittens, the opportunity of a safe outdoor environment.  We DO NOT and NEVER HAVE had any of our kittens seperate from our home and kept in one of our cat runs which are owned by our stud boys and also our queens on a rotational basis.  This cat pen now has some wooden climbing frames, cat scratching posts of various heights and abilities to cater for different aged kittens and other cat toys along with a small table and pair of chairs where we have spent hours watching and playing with our precious charges.  There are times when photos of cats/kittens are taken in this cat pen as this is an important room for our babies (and my daughter who loves tipping their water bowls over or flinging her cat fishing rod around in playing with the kittens).