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Pleasure to see them grow up!

I've been meaning to set this page up for what seems like 'forever' in order to share some of the most fantastic puddies with their new owners.  I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved so far, since we are dealing with nature which often throws a frequent curved ball!  I've had the pleasure of owning some stunning cats who really have been heartbreaking to part with but I have to realise that I cannot keep everything and the cats interest HAS to come first. 

We always hope that our cats remain in the pet home they originally leave to and that is why it is always a great pleasure to receive photos or news of them settling in.  We do realise that there are times when life throws something in to test our reserves and our cat has to seek a new home - we will always try to assist in rehoming where possible.

It is with genuine sentiment when I thank all of the new owners who take time out of their busy lives to just send a quick email or photo to show me how their new addition has become a very much loved and pampered member of the family.

In No Particular Order

Caspy and Bella

Here is Caspy (Prince Caspian of course) and Bella, brother and sister who are truly adored by Laureen's family.  A huge thank you for all the wonderful photos.

Casy is a white Selkirk Variant and his sister is a silver tortie tabby Selkirk Rex.

I love this one, synchronised lying!

Meeting the rest of the family!


This is Caspy's Meerkat impression.


Alternatively he can do the 'lapwarmer' look too!


But he is exceptionally good at just, 'making it all better' when feeling poorly.


Bella has just heard about Caspy's photos and not wishing to be outdone, put on her best, 'You haven't seen anything yet' face and dives into one of her favourite moves...


Here is one to get warmed up...'Peekaboo'.


'Playtime'...'See I look good with fuschia.'


'How's this one?'...'Sunbathing of course!'

Bumble with Lisa and Mark

This is Bumble, a blue and white Selkirk Rex boy who has an adopted favourite position - keep looking to see if you can see what he enjoys doing.

Bumble taking a nap...

 Bumble has found his new cute Mark!  This habit must be contagious.

Thank you both.


How fabulous is this photo...Rico looking gorgeous.  He is a silver shaded Selkirk Rex with big eyes!

Thank you Sarah.

Kara and Simon's Pebbles.

This is Pebbles with Kara and Simon...she is a beautifil Silver Shaded Longhaired Selkirk Variant. 

How big are those eyes?!  We can guess Pebbles must get away with lots of mischief.








Here is Pebbles curled up asleep but still sporting her amazing fluffy feather-duster tail!

Thank you.

Trudy's Troop

This was always a cat with a HUGE personality and nothing seems to have changed Trudy, except how much she has grown.  Miri is a blue tortie colourpoint Selkirk Rex and is litter sister to our big Lizzie.


Miri certainly landed on all four paws with Trudy's family where she is thoroughly spolit.


Miri meeting resident cat this montage.


I have so much to thank Trudy and her family - her adoption of one of our retired girls has always made me very grateful and judging by Flora's face here, she certainly endorses her forever home - thank you!


Kitty Heaven!

Sheila's Boys

This is Oscar, a stunning longhaired Black Smoke and White Bicolour Selkirk Rex.  This boy had such an array of names whist a baby (Guinness versus Guinevere - everything was very fluffy so it wasn't always easy to tell!).

He is looking gorgeous Sheila - a huge thank you.  Let's see his brother in comparison...

This boy began as Mable, changed to Marbles overnight and now stands as a very proud Brown Tabby and White Selkirk Rex (Shorthaired and Homozygous) - looking great. 

Brothers together.

Thank you Sheila.

Jen and Mark's Amazing Family

If I was a cat then this is certainly one of the homes I would wish to find my way to as they have an amazing rapport with animals regardless of pre-existing ailments/conditions.  It gives me a huge amount of pleasure to showcase some of the amazing cats you have had from us (and remember Jen that there is still room for a white pawprint tatoo to be added!)


Diva, Silver shaded LH Selkirk Variant and Kate, Lilac and Cream BSH.


Stunning, she looks fabulous you two!


Monty, Blue British Shorthair...right at home in the pink!


I absolutely love this photo: Mony gives Diva a wee wash!

Damion's Addition

Arthbutnot certainly made an impression and I think he has perhaps taken advantage of your cullinary skills.


Artbutnot, Silver Tabby Selkirk SH (a big lad!)


 It looks like he checked his lottery tickets and finding no joy, decided to stretch out for a snooze.

Margo and Tommy

Tommy, (previously known as Minty and appears as a kitten disguised as vetbed on our 'kitten photos' page) holds a special place as he was one of the kittens sired from our special foundation girl Saffy.  I tortured myself over keeping either Minty or his brother and in the end, they both found very much loved as a pet elsewhere.  Thank you Margo for the photos...he is Saffy's boy for sure from the photos.


 Tommy, Silver Shaded LH Selkirk.

 Tommy, looking as striking as his mother always did.

Lisa and Owen with Dottie

Dottie was one of our first 'homebred' Selkirk litters so she was ear-marked as pretty important with her 2 sisters, Cocoa and Poppy. In the end, Dottie lived here with Cocoa and the pair had a litter each before we had to make a tough decision and neuter this particular line.  Dottie was always a cat that was at the front of the queue for attention, licking both us and our clothes until she felt satisfied.  I always knew I would fussy about her new home but thankfully I had no worries here as she settled fantastically with Lisa and her own cat fairly swiftly.  lisa and her family have provided Dottie with a home for the future and I am very grateful she has such comfort and love - thank you.


Dottie, one very relaxed puddy loving her new home.  She is a silver tabby Selkirk Variant.

 Dottie with Dylan...awfully good natured of him to share with another.

Emma's pair of rascals

These two kittens were always a pair of cheeky trouble-makers with Benji usually managing to get poor Bailey into some kind of strife.  Benji and Bailey are brothers to our Flora and so it is always great to see how the rest of the litter has progressed.  Great photos Emma and it is clear they are very pampurred puddies.


Bailey snuggled up in an amazing bed...not sure I would get out!

Cream and silver shaded SH Selkirk variant.


Bailey with his brother Benji, a silver tabby LH Selkirk Variant.


 Now how cute is that Emma?!


I can see that Bailey still has that look of sheer innocence - couldn't have been me!


Benji, showing off his LH fluffy coat...very pretty.

Steve and Vicki's Pair

I knew when Albert was tottering around at 4-5 weeks that he was a cat with a huge character and a great disposition (and as always, another I could not keep) and so was absolutely thrilled to bits when he had the chance to live with someone who was torn between him and his sister so that in the end, they both went to live with Steve and Vicki.  His sister Ava was a really gentle beautiful cat but one who was not afraid of rough and tumble with her sibling brothers - this I hear is still the case and she is more than capable of holding her own.  Albert has still blown me away as he has inherited so many of the positive attributes from his mum Dottie (see above) and Diesel...he is really a gorgeous furball with a really plush curly coat who I think is absolutely striking.


Albert, silver tabby SH Selkirk (only 6 months ish here...big lad!)


This is Ava, his sister, a black tipped SH Selkirk Variant.


Ava close up...beautiful photo and a stunning

Lucy's Treasure

Well Karen, when you first phoned up about Horlicks, I have to admit I had resigned myself to her remaining here as I never seemed able to produce a photo worthy of her and that which showed her off.  She was always a sweetie and I believed she would fit into your family but I had no idea how much she would thrive under your tender love and care - she really has come along in bucketfuls.  I am pretty certain that she has become the most spoilt member of your family and I thank you for the love you have given her.


Coco (previously pet named Horlicks here) in her new home.  She is a beautiful cream tabby colourpoint Selkirk.

Marion's Pair

It seems a long time ago now when you came to choose from Millie's litter (our accidental mating from our Ragdoll female and BSH Black tipped boy) when the babies were just wee tots and we were unsure of markings and coat lengths.  Dougal and Harry have absolutely thrived with you and look fantastic.  Thank you so much for the home you gave this pair.




Harry, Dougal's brother.