RURALPAWS: Breeders of beautiful Selkirk Rex, British Shorthair and British Longhair Cats.

GCCF Registered hobby breeders of pampered kittens and cats.

Kitten Details

Helandy cats are raised with much invested time, love and affection and as such will have some conditions of sale in order to try to ensure the most suitable homes are found for our precious charges. Please read through the following information in order to be aware of our stipulations before entering into an agreement with us.

  • Please try to give as much information as possible about your life style (working/children/only pet/outside or inside pet etc) and what you are looking for (pet/show/breed) and then we can work with you to try to meet those needs from what we know about our kittens/cats.


  • All kittens will require a £100 non-refundable deposit at the point of being booked. Until then the kitten can be put 'ON HOLD' pending viewing/a decision, however it is ultimately still available. Deposits are taken in good faith and used to fully vaccinate your kitten; it should only be made if the new prospective owner is completely decided upon the kitten.  
  • If the balance of the kitten payment is to be made by cheque then this MUST be sent two weeks prior to collecting the kitten in order to allow for clearance. Otherwise cash on the collection day or alternatively we will accept a bank transfer 3 working days prior to collection date. 


  • All of our cats are pedigree and registered with the GCCF.  Kittens will be sold as PETS (non-active register) unless otherwise agreed BEFORE sale.  Pink GCCF registration slips will be retained by breeder until proof of neutering is received from your vet at a recommended age range from 4-9months.  This is to prevent unscrupulous people attempting to breed from unsuitable cats and to try to encourage prospective responsible caring owners to have their kittens neutered.  All kittens will be GCCF registered and will receive their pedigree certificate. It will be the responsibility of the owner to request the GCCF pink slip.


  • Upon collection of your kitten, we recommend you have him/her checked by your local vet both for your peace of mind and the welfare of the kitten.


  • New owners are given 4 weeks free pet insurance in order to give peace of mind about the health of the kitten.  Please bear in mind that animals (like humans) do sometimes display conditions when they are under stressful conditions (like being re-homed) and this is why a vet visit is recommended within 48 hours of going to their new homes.


  • All kittens are fully vaccinated including leukaemia and feline chlamydia.

 Selkirk Rex kittens/pedigree cats SHOULD be INDOOR cats. The reasons are many but generally for their own safety. This is because they do not have any sense of danger and would not move away from impending traffic/natural wildlife etc.  The debate of indoor or restricted access/outdoor free roaming cats is a wide ranging and contentious issue which does have merits to both sides.  My own personal point of view is to ensure the cat has a happy environment with a satisfying level of stimulation through toys and play but that the cat also has a very SAFE environment.

Kitten prices do vary according to breed  (and sometimes colour/pattern/coat length) but listed below is a guide but all kittens will be clearly marked on my website:


  • Selkirk Rex Variant (straight-haired) Pets          £375-400
  • Selkirk Rex Curly Pets                                      £400-£450


Breeders seeking potential breeding queen/studs should make contact for price enquiries and contracts.

All prospective owners will be asked questions which include their family arrangements/work commitments etc. Please do not be offended by this as we merely seek to ensure the right type of cat is homed with you to ensure as smooth a transition as possible occurs.

Hobby Breeder

Please note that our prices are very much in line with other breeders.  Breeding is very much a hobby of ours and as such, when carried out properly and thoroughly comes with huge vet bills, food bills, and care requirements which has to be covered so that all monies received from the sale of any kittens/cats does in fact go straight back into the development and maintenance of our pet puddies.  We have chosen a breed which is still progressing and have gone to huge lengths and great expense to import in order to support the progress of this breed.  We appreciate 'showing' is just one aspect of breeding these beautiful cats however first and foremost is the balance between family life and our hobby. Due to the dynamics of our family, it is neither realistic or feasible to traipse a young child around a show hall for a full day whilst we talk to other breeders/cat lovers; we would much prefer to have more hands-on time at home with our puddies and support those who choose to do us the greatest of honours and represent our small elite collection on our behalf.

Kitten Details

For information about current kittens seeking new homes then please visit the 'Kitten Availability' page.  You can find our details on the 'Contact Us' page.