RURALPAWS: Breeders of beautiful Selkirk Rex, British Shorthair and British Longhair Cats.

GCCF Registered hobby breeders of pampered kittens and cats.

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Ruralpaws is registered with the GCCF.

All of our cats are very much loved pets with breeding girls only having one litter per year.  All breeding cats have been tested for PKD and we are a negative household.

We do have high expectations of our cats and of what we hope to achieve and as such, we offer a life long support network to all prospective owners.

We prefer our cats to go to loving permanent pet homes but occasionally when we believe a potential breeder shares similar ethics then we will consider allowing an occasional kitten to go on the 'active'.

There are times when we may have an older cat possibly for re-homing whom we have retired from breeding.  These girls have been used to an indoor pampured life and will continue to need this but with more undivided attention.  Special loving homes are required.

Location: Where are We?

We are located in the North-East of England in the county of North Yorkshire.  We live in a village called Brotton which is just outside of Saltburn-by-the-Sea,  a small town placed about 25 minutes away from Middlesbrough.  We also live about 20 minutes drive from Whitby on the North-East coast.


We are Helen and Andy Goddard living in the North-East of England, just outside of Saltburn-by-the-Sea in North Yorkshire.  Our cats are called affectionately termed 'Helandy' cats in recognition that this began as a joint hobby which over the years, now includes our daughter.  We have a registered prefix with the GCCF called RURALPAWS: this was inspired by the beautiful scenery our home overlooks.



All of our cats are first and foremost family pets.  They all spend time indoors with one another and have access to our purpose built pen added to the rear of our home in order to provide a safe outdoor environment.

Our love of cats began with 2 British Shorthairs from whereupon we decided to begin our own small breeding programme. Our research of various breeds resulted in a defined and aspirational Selkirk Rex breeding programme.The Selkirk Rex is still a relatively 'new' breed (having now reached 10 years in the UK) and very much still in its growth stage.  Due to the need to expand the gene pool a Selkirk Rex can be currently outcrossed to a British Shorthair, a Persian or an Exotic.  We have used BSH in the past and have now used the Exotic and Persian for initial outcross simply because we were looking to seek specific type and boning plus we feel their personalities are especially suited to the Selkirk development.  We are also using the Selkirk Variant which is the Selkirks straight-haired counterpart. These are really special additions since they help to create the Selkirk on both sides of the pedigree and reinforce the Selkirk's unique personality.



The Selkirk Rex is an easy-going relaxed cat with a really special warm friendly disposition; they are not especially demanding of attention but equally will enjoy play and fusses to anyone willing to share their time.  Their coat once seen is rarely forgotten; this can range from a tousled disarray of loose curls that can make them look as though they are having a bad hair day, to a short dense spongy texture suggestive of a sheep-like look hence why they are often referred to as the, 'cat in sheep's clothing'.

Selkirk Rex come in both long and shorthair coats. The shorthairs have a dense, plush curl to the coat that emphasizes the density of the coat and a similarity to a teddy-bear; longhairs have an even more tousled look that emphasizes the similarity to a woolly sheep. Both hair lengths come in a rainbow of colors with lucky pet owners having the best coats on their cats as coats are seen in their prime on mature altered males and spayed females. The curls are most prominent on the flanks, undersides and neck and is very soft and falls in loose curls.



The personality and character of a Selkirk is really something special.  They are very much people-orientated cats and adore human company.  With a more placid fun-loving nature, they adapt well to new situations including other pets and children.



See the photos in the gallery of 'Cats in their new Homes'...if that doesn't convince you of our ethics then little will.

As with all aspects of nature, cats inherit certain traits particular to their breed but ultimately have individual personalities.  Ruralpaws cats are cats that have been bred from queens in peak condition in order to respond to the demands of motherhood.  All kittens are raised indoors in a friendly family environment (including the the hub-bub of young children), used to the usual sounds of the home but more importantly, raised with as much fuss and attention as they can handle in order to prepare them as fully socialised confident kittens for their new prospective owners.