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Catbalu Otis (F3) - to be featured soon!

Murphy, our Seal Tabby Colourpoint Longhaired Selkirk Stud Boy

This is Curly Murphy Van Atropos aka Murphy, our seal tabby Longhaired Colourpoint all the way from the Netherlands.  His pedigree has a nice mixture of assorted lines and he is an absolute treasure to own being of a real character and very loving.  Murphy has been with us for some time now but we have only just added him to our site as he has now sired his very own litter of kittens (see Sootie's litter - just 1 baby available, a beautiful white Selkirk Rex Variant) - well done Murphy.


Murphy sat on Bettina's settee where he has been much lovingly adored by her and her children - it is clear he has been well loved.


I love this photo of Murphy as a baby on his back baring his curly tummy - it just sums him up.

Update: Murphy is now living with Sarah of Ashblue Cats who has kindly accepted a couple of our girls in order to continue with the breed's progression as we focus on family commitments.

Maximus, Silver Tabby Selkirk Rex

This is the 2nd kitten we managed to produce from Mr T our USA Import who had been 'destined' for a pet home as I was told I could not keep another boy...thankfully his home fell through as we have a real belter here and I'm so pleased at how he has progressed.

Ruralpaws Platinum Mitts aka Maximus is an F2 Silver Tabby Shorthaired Selkirk Rex  and only 10 weeks old here.

This is Maximus at nearly 8 months old and sporting a really kissable muzzle. 

What a little treasure pops (and we don't mind his tarnished coat)!

 Maximus has a great physique, not the curliest of coats but it has waved more as he has grown older.

He is a little powerhouse on legs with really soft fur and a tractor purr.

We may see kittens from Maximus this year...we appear to have more boys than girls!

Our Retired American Selkirk Stud Boy: Mr T


All the way from the USA

 Teddi, now known as Mr T, in the photos as a youngster.  

Mr T, now retired from stud duties.

CHAMPION Berrycurl's Teddibear of Calicurl , our gorgeous seal point Selkirk Rex Shorthair, now also more commonly known as 'Mr T', has made his tremondous journey all the way from Hamilton in the USA to join us here as a new stud boy. Mr T has sired 2 kittens which we watching carefully - Georgia Brown and Maximus.

                                                                                                                                          September 08

Mr T watching the girls.

Update: Teddi has been spayed for some months now and we are seeking a perfect 'retirement' home.  He is a very 'active' lad with heaps of character and an amazingly friendly disposition.  More details will be given in the New Year 2013.