RURALPAWS: Breeders of beautiful Selkirk Rex, British Shorthair and British Longhair Cats.

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The Selkirk Group

The NEW Generation

The Selkirk Rex is still very much in its infancy as a new and developing breed.  Being a small part of this development is exciting because it means we are able to search for what we consider to be of great breeding potential and hopefully produce something, 'even that bit better' to take forward.  It also means that we get to develop the Ruralpaws line which we never forget have always begun with someone else's trust in us.

Here we will include the NEXT generation of Ruralpaws Selkirks who will hopefully continue to embed the best characteristics and type from the foundation group and develop our lines even further.


Ruralpaws Georgia Brown, a stunning Brown Tortie and White Longhaired Selkirk Rex female. (F1 Selkirk) 

Ruralpaws Georgia Brown's coat.  This young girl is only 5.5weeks here.


Ruralpaws Georgia Brown here at nearly 9 months old.  We hope to see some babies from her later in 2012 as she carries Mr T's USA Imported lines.

Update: Georgia had her first litter of kittens and we have 2 boys available for pet homes and a girl with potential breed/show who may be available. Georgia was spayed some weeks ago after pyometra and will be seeking a new pet home at some point in the New Year 2013.

Dilute Calico Longhaired Selkirk Rex

Here we have one of Fifi's girls from last year's litter; this is Ruralpaws Peaches 'n' Cream.


This girl is more well known to us here as Peaches,(after Ice Age's baby Mammoth who was also furry and good enough to eat) and true to the roots from her mum, is a lovely girl with a great temperament.

Here is Peaches showing us her pretty coat at just 6 weeks old.

Peaches is an F2 Selkirk

 This is our stunning girl at 9 months of age and she has so inherited her mum's round eyes and fabulous temperament: we look forward to babies later 2012.

Update: Peaches is now living with Sarah of Ashblue Cats who has kindly accepted a couple of our girls in order to continue with the breed's progression as we focus on family commitments.We have kept one of Peaches' kittens, our stunning girl called Brie.

Selkirk Rex Variant Shorthair (Chocolate Colourpoint)

I never believed I would have another chocolate colourpoint again after the loss of our young girl Indie who really was a stunning girl.  During my initial enquiries to the late Jenny Bant, I spoke of my loss and she drew my attention to a girl of hers who was just approaching a year old and she had been running her on for breeding herself.  Along with Muffin, we were fortunate enough to be trusted with Tootsie and WOW, Jenny was not kidding when she told me she was a big girl...she is one of the largest females I've seen and this photo falls way short of doing her any justice.

 She is a gentle lady, increasingly becoming used to other cat companionship and a quiet unimposing female.  She likes being stroked and has a great coat and I am really excited with the hope of potential kittens in the future from her.

F1 Selkirk

Blood Group A


Lilac Tortie Colourpoint Shorthaired Selkirk Rex


This is one of Toots' kittens we kept from her litter last year, Ruralpaws With orWithout You, aka Lizzie, a lilac tortie colourpoint shorthaired Selkirk Rex female.  Lizzie is just 4.5 months old here and coming from Toots who is in turn daughter to the beautiful Imperial Grand Champion Wyrewood Conqueror, it is clear his size has certainly carried to both Toots and Lizzie who are 2 of the biggest girls we have ever owned.  Again, her photo here falls way short of doing her any justice with her lovely kissable muzzle and fabulous nature.

 This is Lizzie at 5.5months old.  Lizzie is an F2 Selkirk Rex.

MAY 2012 NEWS: Lizzie has just become mum to our first F3 Selkirk Rex kittens (colourpoints in boys and girls, all shorthaired, mostly curlies!

Update: Lizzie is now living with Sarah of Ashblue Cats who has kindly accepted a couple of our girls in order to continue with the breed's progression as we focus on family commitments. We still have one of Lizzie's kittens here available for a new home.